March 26, 2013
Exciting times at Breed!

Easter-EggsBreed are soon to be entering an exciting new venture with the launch of a fully interactive online network that will engage its growing creative community.  Part of the second phase of our website, this network will offer a platform for creatives and marketing specialists to connect with each other.  It will be an exciting forum for users to debate and discuss their industries in more depth, such as the challenges that face them each day.
This will be happening very shortly so please stay tuned as we want as many creatives and marketing specialists as possible to be a part of this exciting new platform that aims to captivate and engage with people in a new way.
To celebrate the release of this new online network, we are very excited to announce that Breed will also be hosting a creative competition in line with the launch.  With a chance for creatives to win a cash prize, this competition will be fun, challenging and give something for our creatives to really sink their teeth into.  We will have more details on this exciting competition very soon, but for now, keep posted and watch this space!  To follow all our updates, we'd recommend to give us a follow on Twitter at @breedcommunity.
Stay tuned and wishing you all a Happy Easter!