March 20, 2013
Feel good post

We are already halfway through this week guys!  And as it happens to be #happyday I’ve decided to share some of the positive energy I received listening to yesterdays LinkedIn presentation “the best advice I ever got” at #AWEUROPE .  Here is a short list of the wise words of @JamesCaan (Dragons Den) and @AnnabelKarmel (the baby food books).  In a short session they released some of their most useful life lessons that helped them get to the point where they are now. Although some of them might sound a little bit obvious, they definitely get you thinking.

:-) It’s not about reinventing the wheel, it might just be about finding a way to do things better

:-) It all begins with failure

:-) Embrace change

:-) Observe the masses and do the opposite

:-) Always learn from your mistakes

:-) If you fall, get back on the horse

:-) You can do it, anyone can do it

So keep up that positive energy and you might be famous by the end of this week!