April 9, 2013
Crowd funding: creative projects

In another of our guest blogger posts, we welcome Errol Martin, a writer who has been collaborating with artist, Stuart J Brown.  Together they have been working hard on a number of graphic novel/comic projects that can be viewed online.  Looking for their work to be published, Errol talks about the problems that face aspiring creatives in the field of literature (in this case comic/graphic novel), but how the role of online world has changed the way in which people can get published and has therefore created more opportunity to be seen in a public sphere...  

Page 001 Rough With TextLast year I got this thought in my head about a dystopian future where people will kill one and other in order to gain a tin of beans. A place where the rule of law and order has disintegrated and the survivors face a daily challenge to stay alive.
I then decided that this could be because of a zombie epidemic, a plague which has re-animated the dead and killed all the animals. I then extended this idea into a short story and after reading it I decided to turn it into a graphic novel as a film seemed way too ambitious. As I can't draw I had to find myself an artist to story board it and was pleasantly surprised when I found one, Stuart J Brown.
Cover[1]The first thing I got him to do was the cover and I was so impressed with what he done I decided to contact literary agents, publishers and comic book companies in the hope they were as enthusiastic as I was. Sadly they weren't and after submitting an outline of the story along with some artwork to over 100 companies without any success I decided to stop looking for publishers. That is not to say I've given up trying to publish my work. The new way to publish things these days is either do it yourself or get involved in crowd funding, a way to get fans of your work to help finance it. There is also the digital option, turn it into electronic form and stick it online.
At the moment writing for me is just an unpaid passion but I'm very optimistic and use social networking to meet everyone and anyone who might be able to point me in the right direction or offer their assistance. I also write flash fiction, using the least amount of words to tell a story which one day I will turn into comic book form.
You can find out more about Errol and the work he does at his own blog at this link  http://errol-martin.blogspot.co.uk/