April 12, 2013
Get published or blog trying…

aa-get-publishedHere's another blog post from our guest blogger Errol Martin.  As a collaborator on literature projects the likes of graphic novels, Errol knows the difficulty of trying to get new work published and seen by many in a hard physical form.  Here he offers some tips on how to go about trying to get published in what is such a difficult market to break into, especially for new writers...
I recently read a question posted by someone on line who is writing a children's book and she asked what do I do once I've finished writing it and how do I go about getting it published?
What indeed? There is no easy solution to getting published but there are many things you can try.
1: Use a search engine and type in "Literary agents" and "Publishers".
You  should see a long list of names and companies. You can just type out an introductionary letter and explain who you are, what you've written about and give a brief outline of the story, then send it off. You can also go to the company website and go to the submissions page and submit things that way. Read the submissions guidelines carefully and only send what is asked of you. As literary agents and publishers are inundated by submissions there isn't that much chance of getting a reply, however I have had a few. A couple of "maybes" but most are just rejections.
Thank you for your interest in our company etc, etc but we are not taking on any new projects at the moment but we wish you every success.
bookpg_fsog_lgDon't be afraid of rejections, it isn't personal it's just you are one of several thousand other people trying to get published. Unless you have published something before or have hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter etc your chances of getting published are very slim.
You can take advantage of sites such as Jottify and WattPad and publish your work on line and build up a following. Fifty Shades of Grey started out this way and was read by a few million people before being snapped up by publishers. Even Harry Potter was rejected by at least 9 publishers but JK Rowling is doing OK for herself now, so stick with it.
More tips coming soon......