April 16, 2013
How to succeed in Publishing…

In another guest blog from writer and creative collaborator Errol Martin talks more about overcoming the obstacles that face would be writers wanting to get published, through the power of social media.  Remember to give Errol's blog a read here at the following link... http://errol-martin.blogspot.co.uk/

Go your own way...


A way to publish your work without having to go through literary agents and publishers is to use print on demand services. You pay the cost of printing the book and the company distributes it, well that's the theory and depending on how it sells determines whether you make any money or not. They do not promote or advertise your work in any way, that's down to you.

Be weary of these companies as they are only interested in making money out of you and whatever money is made, you can guarantee they will keep most of it. The general opinion of people who have used these companies is one of woe and regret so tread carefully. Some companies might be better than others.

There are other sites such as Unbound where you can pitch your book and investors can step in and offer funding to publish and distribute it. There is also a crowd funding site called Kickstarter which people use with varying success. You can even try to get funding through the UK Arts Council if your work falls into the category of benefiting the country in some artistic way or can be read or displayed in schools. The "artist" Tracey Emin succeeded in getting funding through the Arts Council to display her work so I suppose anything's possible.


Another way to get your work to the relevant people in the publishing industry is by using social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any of the others that currently exist. Join a group or forum and simply pose the question " How do I get my work published?" With any luck someone might point you in the right direction or lead you to a web site that might be useful. Try and get someone who has published something to give you advice or even an introduction to their publishing company or agent.