April 5, 2013
Something for the weekend…

As it's Friday and the weekend is upon us, we thought we'd post a little fun blog about one of the recent, or perhaps constant, internet phenomenons...Cats.  Breed intern Joyce wrote this small entry on the internet craze that has always proved a popular hit with online audiences. original What’s with the cats?! After YouTube’s hit movie “grumpy cat” being watched more than an 8 million times, brands now seem to be using the power of cat movies for their own  marketing. Earlier this week with April Fools day's branded pranks, I discovered an explosion of cat pranks.  Is this a “go-with-the-flow” matter or did they all really thought to be original? Just a short summary of pranks including cats:

So what is the actual power of these cat movies?  Cuteness?  Some love sharing in this harsh world?  Or do we just get overwhelmed with all of today’s extremely qualitative and informative content that we are just longing for something useless to fill or pass time?  What do you think?  With our video competition coming up, should Breed introduce “grumpy cow”? Remember to keep posted with all of Joyce's updates on Twitter at @JoycePloegaert and if you haven't already, sign up for our creative database here. joycje