May 3, 2013
Trends for this summer…

In the first of many new exciting fashion blog posts, we welcome Oyku Yigit as a contributor to the Breed blog.  Here she talks about the latest trends that we will see more of this summer.  Have a read and try out some of these looks for yourself.  You can find Oyku on Twitter at  @OykzBlue.

The sun is finally pumping up its power of heat and we should be doing one thing, and one thing only: taking advantage of it!

This summer fashion trends are jam packed with an array of wonderful colours and prints. Are you a monochrome addict or do you like to scream and shout with a tasty colourful outfit?

Make dull pavements into your personal catwalks and show off your style with these trends that are making us ladies squeal with delight!


We are nearly half way through the year and for those who didn't already know the colour of the year is emerald green. It's never too late to rock it out. Why not pair an emerald camisole with a white maxi skirt. Oh, and don't forget those flatform sandals!

Next up we have a gorgeous trend on the scene: Floral Femininity
Who says flower power has been brushed under the dirt? Floral print was all over the fashion shows this S/S 2013 from big bright prints to elegant embellished flowers.

Going to work? Don't be shy, as a floral print blazer and trouser combo would definitely liven up your day. Team it up with white/black courts and you're good to go.

Marks and Spencer monochrome look

Speaking of white and black, monochrome is centre stage this year with it declaring hope for the lost souls of black t shirts and white jeans. No need to go and buy yourself a new outfit, take those poor items of clothing out of the closet and spice them up!

A simple D.I.Y will go a long way. Why don't you create cuts in your jeans? Or if that seems too daring of a job, simply roll them up to produce your own 7/8ths and accesorise with an anklet. Take your black t shirt out, a needle & thread and an old beaded bracelet. Break the bracelet and use the beads as embellishments for the collar of your t-shirt, easily created with a needle and thread. Budget buster, definitely!


All white everything. A woman of pure chic just walked past, clutching a white bag, adjusting her white blouse that's tucked into her white mini skirt. Am I in heaven? Oh no honey! Our next summer fashion trend is an all white combo. There is no such thing as over doing white on white. It's not like wearing black on black and getting comments such as "Are you going to a funeral?" No way. Layers go a long way, how ever in the summer heat how will you achieve layers? Go for light materials like a chiffon camisole, silk kimono and daisy dukes. Team up with sunglasses, sandals/sneakers and a clutch. Let's not forget, everything has to be kept white.

floral-kimono-2Silk kimono? A Japanese theme has also erupted on the catwalks. You will probably notice a high rise of oriental pieces on the high street. This trend is definitely not one to over-do. A small touch of beauty, such as an embroidered blazer or blouse will add dimension to any outfit. Complete the look with your hair in a tight bun to include an extra touch of Japan.

Patterns have always been on the menu, but this year we are looking at extremely bold and out there patterns of stripes and squares. The intensity of these patterns bring out the diva in you, literally. Go for greens and yellows. More of the citrus colours but blend some warm colours like reds or oranges for a bag or as nail art.


A maxi dress with near to nothing jewellery would be perfect to demonstrate the head-turning action you will get. Pattern prints are statement pieces in an outfit, always choose one patterned garment as the centre piece other wise you will look like a walking circus and you really wouldn't want that.

And you are probably asking what the best accessory is to wear in this heat? Your sunglasses and smile of course!