September 4, 2013
News in brief

Google Glass Store

Probably the hottest piece of technology around that people are talking about but only a few have been able to get their hands on, Google Glass had an important announcement this week when it was revealed that there would be a Google Glass app store being released next year. This would likely to coincide with the general release of the Google Glass in 2014 when it finally becomes available for the general public to purchase. Tech geeks will welcome this news with open arms as they wait in great anticipation to buy the most talked about piece of technology since the iPad.


Have a break...

More interesting news from the guys at Google with the announcement that the latest version of its Android 4.4 mobile operating system will be named KitKat, after the well known chocolate bar. Details are still sketchy about the branded partnership but the news come after months of speculation surrounding its name with Key Lime Pie even being a possible title for it. Whether there'll be confusion when someone is told to have a break at Google headquarters is remained to be seen.


Twitter has long been seen as the go to vehicle for celebrities and the main point of access for their fans to find out all their updates. Many celebrities have had official Facebook fan pages set up and run by their management usually with Twitter and Instagram being the main output of social media they control themselves. With Facebook not always being on the cutting edge of breaking news and real time action – Twitter has mainly been seen as a better platform for celebrities to share their posts due to this reason. This was mainly because of the absence of trending topics and embeddable posts within Facebook. Facebook now have amended this and combined with Twitter's limited capacity of text output (140 characters), we may now see celebrities take up the Facebook mantle more often for their updates due to the deeper engagement it offers.

We've seen celebrity examples of this with fans of tennis star Maria Sharapova having to be directed to her Facebook page to see an in depth explanation for her reasons for pulling out of the US Open.

With Facebook's changing algarithims, marketers and strategists are looking how celebrities can redefine their relationship with the social platform.

Though a user of both Facebook and Twitter, we've even seen football and branding icon David Beckham use Facebook regularly on a personal level with him posting more in depth status updates to offer deeper engagement to his followers.

Deadline Day

Away from technology and social media and following on from the mention of football, one of the football calendar's talked about days came to a climactic end when the transfer deadline passed for domestic football clubs.  We finally saw the drawn out sage of Gareth Bale come to an end when he completed his record breaking £85 million move to spanish giants Real Madrid, making him the world's most expensive player.  Arsenal finally splashed the cash with a record breaking move of £42 million for German playmaker Mezut Ozil and Marouane Fellaini finally got his wish with a £27.5 million move to Manchester United.  This all capped what was both an exciting and dramatic transfer window with funds in excess of £600 million being spent by clubs.