Palladium Boots:
Delivering a message to
a social audience

Palladium Boots: Deliverying a message to a social audience

Working alongside social activation company CreateLondon, our creative team enanched the messaging of The Explorer Series campaign for Palladium boots through live event, content creation and social media amplification.
The brief for the campaign centered on “Explore Your City”. This idea gave the team license to be extremely creative and the opportunity to use different platforms to communicate the campaign’s message.

Exploring MistaJam’s Nottingham roots

Creating a film that featured radio presenter and DJ MistaJam, the film was produced over two days on location in Nottingham.
Exploring MistaJam’s Nottingham roots and the city’s musical inspiration., this story and setting was a perfect way to align the campaign’s messaging with a rich and engaging piece of content.

Creating over 600,000 impressions on Instagram

Created for YouTube, this would ensure Palladium’s campaign message would reach a social audience and would be shared by consumers in huge numbers.
Using the city of Nottingham, the team and CreateLondon also created a series of nights with MistaJam in the city’s famous nightclub Bodega. This further enhanced the campaign’s story through the use of social media.
Using CreateLondon’s social amplification tools for live events, attendees were invited to capture their night on social platform Instagram. With over 300 photos uploaded, this resulted in over 600,000 impressions on Instagram for the live event.